Have you always known that you wanted a career in the healthcare field, but you struggle deciding which path is the right one for you? Well you are not alone! So many people, myself included, researched and shadowed various different medical professions before settling on the career of our dreams. One amazing resource is MEDtakeovers. MEDtakeovers is operated by a physician assistant working in pediatric critical care. (More information about the creator of MEDtakeovers (Andrea Benedict, PA-C) can be found on her Instagram: lifeasapa). Andrea allows different medical professionals to take over her Snapchat account and give insight and answer questions about what their profession does on a daily basis, as well as divulge tips to being a competitive applicant for that particular program.

MEDtakeovers can be found on Snapchat at medtakeovers. There are different medical professionals or students currently enrolled in graduate programs hosting these takeovers approximately 3 days per week. You can also catch up on previous MEDtakeovers by going to her websiteΒ You do have to sign up for a subscription, but its very affordable. She offers 2 options: $3.99/month or $19.99/year. I found this extremely helpful, because there were previous takeovers done by physician assistants in many different specialties. As a future PA, I love the fact that you can change specialities at any point in your career, so it is very helpful to be able to get first hand advice on the different specialities and the autonomy allowed in each.

She also hosts an account called @premedtakeovers which is found on Snapchat and Instagram. This account is current undergraduate students pursuing pre-health studies towards a particular goal and they share their experiences with other students contemplating entering into these fields. The premedtakeovers are very useful for students who are early in their studies and are still trying to make a decision as to what field they would like to pursue. The medical professionals that host the medtakeovers, often do not remember a lot of the nitty gritty application information, whereas the students that do the premedtakeovers have this information fresh in their mind and can be very insightful.

I highly suggest following both @medtakeovers and @premedtakeovers on both Instagram and Snapchat. Also, social media can be a great way to network with other professionals in the field you want to pursue so look some up! I will make a list of my favorite PAs, MDs, and DOs on social media and compile a list for you in my next blog post!


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